[ROM] W17Pro_20120517_FREEWILL_1.1.1_by_crayon

Custom rom for Ramos W17 Pro with AROMA installer based on stock fw from 17.05.2012 by crayon

Release date 02.06.2010

This ROM is named FREEWILL, meaning the user can freely choose to install according to their wishes.

Info and changelog:

[COLOR=Black]2012-05-30 update V1.1.1, (codenamed DoubleKill) 20,120,517 firmware customization based on the official[/COLOR]
  • Repair flash script mount the data partition
  • Modify the / system / build.prop ro.sf.hwrotation 0 (270), making the boot animation cross-screen display (camera displays an error, changed back to 270 RE Manager)

2012-05-26 update V1.1 (codenamed DoubleKill) 20,120,517 firmware customization based on the official

  • Contains all the features of version 1.0
  • Change the optional installation automatically installed as a user program for the first time you start to install the application, rather than system program (learned from Onda firmware), so wait a few minutes after the first start
  • Repair official Recovery
  • build.prop add Traditional Chinese, and correspond to different languages, different default time zone
  • Upgrade busybox to 1.20.0
  • Upgrade ApexLauncher free version and paid version to 1.2.1
  • Update Baidu input method Pad version to
  • Update the ES document management to v1.6.1.6

2012-05-16 update V1.0 (codenamed FirstBlood) 20,120,508 firmware customization based on the official

  • of deodex (the apk and odex file merge), to reduce the file size, you may start a little slow, but the program loading speed should be faster
  • zipalign, to speed up the efficiency of the program is running
  • The installation process supports Jianfan English language, the language of choice as the default language
  • [Optional install] add a completely ROOT, if you select the ROOT flash into the modified kernel image, and ADB command can be run as ROOT permissions
  • [Optional install] add a modified RECOVERY, the REC will be built-in SD card reader flash package no longer needs to TF card, support and REC under the ADB command
  • [Optional install] upgrade the busybox upgrade from the official 1.16.2 to 1.19.4
  • Integrated DTS and AC3 patch, thanks to the sharing of those things
  • [Optional install] boot animations optional official default, blue, cool robots, cool robots
  • [Optional install] starter optional official default, the Apex the Launcher Free Edition or Professional Edition (Professional Edition only for study and research purposes, like user support genuine)
  • [Optional install] optional input method to the official default (does not support Chinese), Baidu input method Pad Edition, Google Pinyin, Sogou input method
  • [Optional install the Adobe Flash Player, ROOT, ES file browser
  • Google services framework [optional install], Google Play stores
[COLOR=Red][Known BUG][/COLOR]
[INDENT][COLOR=Black]The V1.1.1 opinion Google Play store installation user program does lead to download the application, the FC, please use the RE Manager will com.android.vending-*. The apk from the / data / app below to the / system / app, and changed its name to Vending.apk, reboot into Recovery empty the cache (wipe one cache partition) and reboot into the system, enter the application management, clear Google Play store data, should be able to.The next version will be installed for the system program.

V1.1.1 modify / system / build.prop in the ro.sf.hwrotation of 0, the camera shows the problem, changed back to RE Manager 270[/INDENT]
Download link:


How to install:

Put to your SDcard and power on your tablet with Power + Volume Down
Hold Volume Down until you see bootloader menu then select update form sdcardFullscreen and Screenshot patchTo use it, flash it in recovery. using this patch, you will have 3 fullscreen modes, "automatically hide statusbar"(as default), "always hide statusbar" and "always show statusbar".

to change fullscreen mode, short press power + volume up.
to take screenshot, short press power + volume down.

Download patch:

Original source:

Antutu scores with this rom around 6500 :)
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[ROM] W17Pro_20120517_FREEWILL_1.1.1_by_crayon

There is update of stock fw 20120604-mx0525, hope that we get mod from crayon soon :)


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