[ROM] Popular PD10 Freelander Firmwares

Hi all,
Is the firmware with *.rar same az *.zip ? Can someone write the procedure to update using *.rar. i have a PD10TLS8 with android 4.0.4. Can this be upgraded to higher ?. Thanks and Merry Christmas !

[ROM] Popular PD10 Freelander Firmwares

HI Leo123,
Did you succeed ? can u please share your experience. How did you proceed etc..? Many thx.

[ROM] Popular PD10 Freelander Firmwares

[quote=bunanson]option a: get a USB keyboard: menu>system update>Detect version>dl and update to 20120619. This is the easiest and I recommend that.

option b: dl and install any ROM you can find for your PD10. Now there are all together seven of them, so, you need to pick the right one. With GPS, it should be PD10 delux. your latest is 20120428, file size 131 Mb, file size 121 MB wont work. Download from 1st post to your winPC. It is a .rar file, extract it to a folder, open the folder, you will see a file update.zip, copy that file to a microSD card. Has to be the highest folder, like e:\update.zip, cannot be in a subfolder. Insert the microSD card into PD10, hold down volume-, then press power button, at least for 10 - 15 seconds when holding both button down, you will see a green android, you can now release the buttons. THis is the recovery mode. use volume- to navigate, and volume+ to select. Select upgrade through SD. Sit back, let it reboot several times. Go and enjoy your now lively PD10. I still recommend to upgrade to the latest ROM 20120619.

Post back on your endeavor.

good luck,


Hi All,
Did anyone try this ? thank you and Merry Christmas !

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