Recently I bought this PD10 tablet, and I'm happy with it, but I want to update it.
I tried the links from the update post but, I can't download the files.I click on the download button and the download starts very very slow,like 10 kilo.
After 10 minutes it stop.
Coult someoane help me with that files.?
I'm using the PD10 Basic version.


Hi there,

Did you mean the Rom that Bun mentioned in this post http://www.flashmyandroid.com/forum/showthread.php?1126-REQUEST-Bounty-for-Custom-Firmware-for-Freelander-PD10-GPS-10-USD&p=6713&viewfull=1#post6713 ?
I had no problem downloading it.
There were some instructions in Chinese, which I cannot read. The best I could make out that the package included a root tool. Not sure if it is ICS, HoneyComb or whatever.

Here is the original download link http://115.com/file/andkz1bq
Here is the Mediafire link for your convenience

As Bun said, try at your own risk, and report back.



My apologise.Those files i wanted to download.
But i don't know why the download is very slow, and after few minutes the download it abort itself.
Thanks, anyway for that file.


Hello Demian12,

Can you tell me what are those files for ? ICS? Rooted ? anything else? For the PD10 only ?


P.S. More firmwares from this topic http://www.flashmyandroid.com/forum/showthread.php?1376-ROM-Popular-PD10-Freelander-Firmwares&goto=newpost
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