[SYS] AnTuTu Smart Profiles v1.2.3

[SYS] AnTuTu Smart Profiles v1.2.3
Released by : AnTuTu Labs http://www.antutulabs.com/download
Description: AnTuTu Smart Profiles lets you manipulate your phone's volumes & settings all in one. You can adjust your phones settings based on time or weekday. Make a profile that turns off battery-hogging features at night or at work and have them enabled by the time you wake up or get home from work.
You can specify any of these settings within your profiles: including phone ringtone, notification ringtone,ringer volume & vibrate ,Wifi, and Wifi-hotspots, Bluetooth, screen timeout, GPS.
Download Link : http://www.antutulabs.com/soft/antutu-profile-free.apk


[SYS] AnTuTu Smart Profiles v1.2.3

thank you very much for sharing.

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