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Hey guys!

CyanogenMod 10.1 build for rk3066 devices came up on crew rktablets by Oma. I've installed it, and it works great with our momo12. All instructions and download are given neatly on site.

- Some notes: (you should get this from site instructions, but I'm just pointing some stuff :) these are my steps.. )
1. download format NAND fix, sdcard rw fix, battery info fix - havent tried tablet ui and battery mods;
2. put those .zips in internal and external sd just in case;
3.Replace kernel.img with momo12 kernel image in rom folder on pc rockdev/Image;
4.Erase IDB, and flash via rktools;
5. when done, device boots into recovery - wipe data/ cache, dalvik, battery stats. Then flash all fixes (first NAND format fix, then others);
6. reboot;
7.and please note that if you choose to flash, it's your responsability. Nor I or Crew RKTablets are not responsable if you manage to brick your tablet. - just follow instructions given there, and you'll be fine. ;)

First impression is that everything is working, as on stock rom. Wifi, bluetooth, camera.. all working. Been using it for just a few hours, and still haven't had crashes and restarts... And of course is super fast comparing to stock roms. Really fast and responsive.

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