Launcher has stopped, all other programs have stopped also

I'm having a problem with my Icoo D70 Pro2. I am not sure, but, I believe the problem is caused by a program that I downloaded. The program, I am not sure of the name at this time, was supposed to shut down all running programs except for the ones that you wanted to still run. Seemed like a great idea, but, now my tablet has become a brick more or less because when I try to boot the tablet it keeps giving me messages that google has stopped, email has stopped, exchange has stopped, etc. until it gets to launcher has stopped and that is where it pretty stays. Reboot using volume + and power button and the cycles start over again. Sometimes I am able to quickly get between each flashing stopped message and get to settings and backup, but, it gets stuck there and quits responding. Is this tablet now a spare parts unit or a brick or is there anything I can do to rescue this loely little tablet that I love very much. I just hate to have it put down. Can anyone here help? Is there any way to bypass the internal cpu on the tablet and get into it with my desktop computer?

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