Generic Tablet Edit Parameter File\ Change App Storage Space


I am in possession of a generic Rockchip RK3066 tablet and I wish to change the available app storage space as currently there is only a measly 500MB available for apps. I have done this recently on another tablet (Sumvision Cyclone Voyager) however when I did that I had the stock firmware available to download and with a little help was able to extract the parameter file, make the changes and re-pack the edited file back into the image and re-flash the tablet. However in this case I do not have a stock firmware image available to do this. What I have done so far with this tablet is:

Rooted tablet
Installed CWM and created a nandroid backup
Made a Romdump of tablet

I would be very grateful to know how I go about changing the app storage space from here? I have looked to see if I can do it from either the nandroid backup or the romdump files but so far I have drawn a blank?

I have seen that I can do it from Linux (rkflash) however I only have access to a Windows machine :(

Any help gratefully received!!


Generic Tablet Edit Parameter File\ Change App Storage Space

You really want to get an update.img from the supplier as a safety net, also it's the easiest way to get hold of a parameter and bootloader for your tab.

It's possible to install a virtual machine in windows and use linux tools to extract parameter from nand but you will still not have a bootloader that you are 100% sure works with your tab.

You should eraseIDB for a clean start when flashing a new and therefore require a complete set of files to get the tab back up and working.

While I do think it's possible to achieve without an update.img using a bootloader from another tab there is a risk of a brick.

Generic Tablet Edit Parameter File\ Change App Storage Space

Hi Hejira,

Thanks for getting back to me. I've literally got it sorted this weekend, you are correct in that I had to install a virtual machine with the Ubuntu image and pull the rom using RKFlashTool. It wasn't as easy as it sounds and went wrong, luckily with some help I got it sorted and now have a nice 2GB app storage!

Thanks again for coming back to me, it's much appreciated.

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