[ROM] Infected JB V3.0 (12/07/12)

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USE AT YOUR OWN RISK. By running this firmware, you agree that there isthe possibility that you may brick your device. You agree that only you are responsible and no one else is responsible for supporting youif that occurs. (although the community is great at providing help to you!)

What is it?

This ROM / Firmware is based from the Cube stock firmware. It does not have volume controls on the status bar or screenshot controls in settings. I will be making mods to attempt to make sure all features work on all supported RK3066 tablets. I will also be making tweeks to attempt to improve system performance.
How to install Infected

  1. Download the latest ROM from downloads link below and put in the root of microSD card and insert into your tablets sdcard slot. (this file must stay in the zip format)
  2. Download the latest Base from the downloads link below and put on your desktop. Extract the zip file to your desktop. (If your positive you already have the latest base on your tablet you can use reboot recovery and skip to step 12)
  3. Shutdown your tablet
  4. Run RKAndroidtool.exe from the folder you extracted on your desktopImage
  5. Default installation is 1gig system space if you want 2 gig click the white box next to parameter entry and in rom folder select parameter2g.Image
  6. Enter flashmode on your tablet and insert usb cable. (you may have to install the drivers if you have not flashed your tablet before)
  7. When the tool finds your tablet click erase NANDImage
  8. It may just copy parameter file and reboot normal. If it does dont worry and go back to step one.
  9. After format is complete and you click ok without reboot then click Flash ROMImage
  10. When complete it will boot into CWM
  11. Remove USB cable and close RKAndroidtool
  12. In CWM select install zip from sdcard
  13. Select choose zip from sdcard
  14. Scroll to the rom you are installing and select
  15. Process takes ~10 minutes
  16. It will say complete but is not complete until it returns to menu...patience
  17. When returned to menu select go back
  18. select reboot system now.


Please do not mirror the firmware / ROM. I analyze the downloads to determine which tablets to keep and which to drop. I am fine if repost this entire post elsewhere as long as you change the mediafire download link to link back to this thread.

Base http://www.mediafire.com/?cue4idgcm3vu7Rom http://www.mediafire.com/?8qm3dnm09e795V3.0
Updated to cube h U30GT-H_V1.10_20121130V2.0
New Base –u30gt-h_v1.09_20121121.img
Added CIFS support
Autoload all .ko files in /modules folder on boot

Added init.d support
Added 4.2 appsMinor changes to make compatible with MK808Build.prop fix so we can find the games we can now playGameloft Fix - Credit to Christian Troy for the patch! Christian accepts donationshere!
Hidden apps fixed

Improved battery savings
Faster wifi speeds
Improved overall performance
Improved steaming videoGoogle earth location fixed
MD5 checksum txt file added
[COLOR=#333333]Rebased from stock cube[/COLOR]U30GT-H_V1.07_20120918
[COLOR=#333333]Added Back Stock Gallery because it contains camera[/COLOR]
[COLOR=#333333]Removed stock widgets from Launcher workspace[/COLOR]
[COLOR=#333333]AdFree included[/COLOR]
[COLOR=#333333]Fixed Permissions for multitouch[/COLOR]
[COLOR=#333333]Market permission fix[/COLOR]
[COLOR=#333333]Market Build.prop fix[/COLOR]
[COLOR=#333333]Slowed WIFI scan to save batteryV1.0[/COLOR]V1.0
Initial release
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[ROM] Infected JB V3.0 (12/07/12)

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updated 1.4

[ROM] Infected JB V3.0 (12/07/12)

The Base rom doesnt work for me. after flashing it im installing from zip and after reboot system i still get to CWM. so i flashed other 4.1 Custom rom and used only the Rom.

Working great besides that antutu is stuck on the knight test. but that not a rom problem i have this in every rom i tested.

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