[ROM] Decontaminated V3.0 (11/23/12)

N101 first revision doesn't boot with this ROM. :(

[ROM] Decontaminated V3.0 (11/23/12)

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[quote=T-my]N101 first revision doesn't boot with this ROM. :( [/quote]

There are two versions of the n101?

besides the n101 and n101-2?

[ROM] Decontaminated V3.0 (11/23/12)

There is a 1. and a 2. revision of the N101-1, mine is also 1. revision sold as 101s. I and could not get it to flash v1.5. I tried infected 1.3 and it worked without any problems.
I just dont use these versions at the moment, because of the high pitch sound.

[ROM] Decontaminated V3.0 (11/23/12)

tablet by 2nd batch, after installing firmware appeared screen flickering + high pitch

[ROM] Decontaminated V3.0 (11/23/12)

Hi! I have trouble with installing your firmware. What I did:
1. Installed ClockWorkMod v5.5.0.4 Touch&Non Touch(10/24/12).
2. Installed Decontaminated V2.0 (10/25/12)
I did everything according to your instructions.
But the tablet loads CWM only, it doesn't load Android itself.
I tried several other versions of Decontaminated and Infected - it looks like firmware is installed but again it loads CWM only.
I tried to put update.img into the card's root and choosed in CWM "Advanced > Reboot Recovery" but nothing changed after reboot.
Now the tablet in determined by Windows but ROM Flash Tool doesn't see the tablet. But it did see it earlier.
Please advise me what to do now.

[ROM] Decontaminated V3.0 (11/23/12)

How much inner memory 2gb, 1gb?

[ROM] Decontaminated V3.0 (11/23/12)

i have exactly same situation. did you find the solution?

ps: finally installed. First need to install some other custom rom, for example VonDroid.

never mind. all works. great firmware! except that bug with annoying sound noise. disabling tap sounds can help to reduce annoying :)
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[ROM] Decontaminated V3.0 (11/23/12)

new ideas for Decontaminated...

1. please, make 2 different releases
a. Decontaminated FULL CWM update (with formatting .data partition)
b. Decontaminated CWM update (without formatting .data (in our tablets emmc = int_sd) partition)

2. please, integrate this *.ko files from ko.zip into your .zip (http://4pda.ru/forum/index.php?showtopic=341929&st=4080#entry16881750).

already checked on Pipo M1 and Yuandao N101. It successfully make VPN tunnel.
For start need copying this files to /system/lib/modules and in init.rc add line: insmod /system/lib/modules/tun.ko
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