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TV Shows that Have Me Hooked

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You double post

TV Shows that Have Me Hooked

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You double post lol

TV Shows that Have Me Hooked

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im not sure how tough cause when I just said error you submitted duplicate post in last five minutes

TV Shows that Have Me Hooked

[quote=rowwor]Nah, it's just a streaming box that steam your excising service like Netflix..Pandora..blah blah..what's difference with PS3 xbox360 and wii , plus another blu-ray player that i already have, they all do the same thing streaming. Im not sure i need more boxes for

In fact, I watch most my tv shows on my tablets, I barely got time to watch them lately. :( [/quote]

It is simple my dear... all of those devices have a built in life expectancy and run time. I would rather beat the pants off of a $70 unit than a $500 one. Plus, my xBox sounds like a plane taking off when streaming music... a bit irritating. However, you are correct, they all have the ability to play netflix.
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