[IMPORTANT] Help from Chinese speaking requested

Hello everybody!

First, long time no see :D I hope everyone's all right, without bricks, and so on...

But let me cut to the chase: I need someone, preferably living in China, who speaks Chinese. For further details, please reply to this thread and I will send you a PM with everything you need to know!

It is really important for me to find such a person, so if you do speak Chinese, please reply immediately!

Yours truly
I do all my releases in my free time, so please consider donating a few bucks :)

[IMPORTANT] Help from Chinese speaking requested

I speak, read and write chinese. I do not live in china. can I apply for the job :) ? How can I help ?


[IMPORTANT] Help from Chinese speaking requested

a lányom tanul kínaiul, de nem merném ajánlani - pedig már többször 6 hetes turnust csinált meg az ELTE-n :)

my daughter learn Chinese, but do not dare to offer - and I have repeatedly made ​​the rounds of the six-week ELTE :)
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[IMPORTANT] Help from Chinese speaking requested

halo!what can i help you?:happy-times-smiley-

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