FlashMyAndroid Forum Rules

We take pride in keeping our forums respectful, pleasant, and enjoyable for members of all ages. Please read the following guidelines before posting.

A> FlashMyAndroid recommend and enforce the following positive Practices:

1> Demonstrate an interest in contributing to forum discussions in the development, use, and trouble shoot Android firmware, application, hardware and accessories. Helping other members is a good deed and is encouraged.
2> Select wording carefully prior to posting. Be courteous and respectful to all who may come to read the post.
3> Search before posting question. Be concise but with sufficient & clear details. Give feedback to all answers in a positive manner.
4> Support Developers. Donate whenever possible as a form of appreciation and encouragement.
5> Respect Developers. Post questions in public, not thru PM (private message). Developers are not required to respond to PM.
6> Help others whenever possible.
7> Use the English language. We understand that with all the different nationalities not everyone speaks English well, but please try. If you're really unable to post in English, use an online translator. Feel free to include your original message in your own language below the English translation.
8> Post a message only once to avoid unnecessary clutter. Feel free to edit your message as you like, so if you do not receive an answer revisit your message and see if you can describe your problem better. Not everyone is online at the same time, it might take a while before you receive an answer.
9> Donations. FlashMyAndroid apreciate all donations. They keep our forum online and well maintained.
10> Donations. As a developer or user you're allowed to ask for donations in your signature as a thank you for your hard work.
11> Contact Forum Admin with all advertising subjects by Private Messages.

B> FlashMyAndroid will not tolerate the following negative Practices:

1> Vulgar language.
2> Personal Attacks
3> Multiple Accounts Per Individual
4> Posting paid software
5> Spamming or advertising product in public posts.
6> Post copyrighted materials or do other things that will obviously lead to legal trouble.
7> Ask for donations up front. This forum is about sharing, not about getting paid to do something.
8> Post political or non-forum issues.

Violators will be warned and potentially be declined membership on a permanent basis.

If you have a problem or a complaint, direct it to the administrators and/or moderators, not to the boards.
Moderators and Administrators Have the Final Word

If you forget your password, use the password recovery tool, in which case you will be able to reset your password, given that you have access to the e-mail associated with your account. If you are still unable to login, contact the administrator.

Thanks for reading and adhering to our forum's rules.
Have fun and enjoy the healthy environment that we try to offer.

Please note that new user will need three posts prior to be able to use Private Message. Sorry for the inconvenience.

FlashMyAndroid Administrator.

FlashMyAndroid Forum Rules

obey the rules...
rules is rules...no one to break....
as a good forumer should be obey and respect all members and most to admin
and all stuff of this forum...

thanks and more power...

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