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ColorTab 7" with RK2918

Posted: Mon Dec 31, 2012 6:14 pm
by ghostworld
Hi all
I've recently purchased a ColorTab 7" 4Gb tablet running ICS 4.0.3. The manufacturer is Shenzhen Hengguan Electronic Co. I've managed to root the device using Android_Root_1.0 following instruction in XDA. There are several things I wanted to do but being this a "generic" tablet I need guidance with:

1) Being that the manufacturer does not have web presence I want to backup the ROM but it seems ADB is not "seeing" the tablet, even though as I have said I did root the darn thing. How can I pull the ROM to back it up? Or does anyone know where I can download the ROM.

2) I've tried going into recovery mode but the only thing I manage is either to have the tablet factory reset itself or go into a screen with a "dead" robot with an ! in its belly. I want to be able to use ClockWorkMod recovery but I can't find a way to do it... I'm not sure if the Cube "ways" here will work.

3) This tablet seems to not be able to go into "deep sleep" since if I leave the tablet withou use for a copule of days the battery is drained when I turn-it-on on the 3rd day. I want to see if I can change the ROM with something else such as a Cube or Atvio one.

Thanks for the guidance.