Turbox Tablet 8" (Maxsun M81)

Hello, i have get a gift, a Tablet Called Turbox Spice III 8"(is a computer shop in my country greece, who give him he is brand name Turbo-x) with little google search i did, i found actualy the tablet is the Maxsun M81, so now the problem is i want to rooted, but i dont know how the way i mean, now is runnin on ICS 4.0.4 the reason i want to rooted is, the shop who sell it under he is Brand name(Turbo-x) have modify or i dont know how to say it the ICS 4.0.4 and there is not the Google Play, have another shop that they have create, so when i try to install it i get error. any idea how i can do it ?

Thank you very much

Turbox Tablet 8" (Maxsun M81)

Noone can help me ??? :(

Turbox Tablet 8" (Maxsun M81)

Hello. and ty for your reply, i try it but dont work, he say the drivers not recognized and is stop there.

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