Tablet Fj Vortex 7" 4.0 RK2918

Hi to all. I have a Fj vortex 7" 4.0 android with a RK2918 tablet which I go to definitions it apear "sorry IU system stop working" something like that translate to english, and I need to reflash it. I have costum rom sent by the seller and a program called "RKBatchTool", my problem is that when I put tablet in recovery mode, program doesn´t recognize it. My Windows is Windows 8 X64. Thanks to all help that comes.

Tablet Fj Vortex 7" 4.0 RK2918

I did it. I´m going to explain in case anybody need it. Press menu and volume down, next insert usb cable, next you will ear a sound, tablet will be in recovery mode.

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