[ROM] U17GT_v2.0_Beta_ICS4_20120421

[ROM] U17GT_v2.0_Beta_ICS4_20120421 Official Firmware

Original Link:

Download Link:

Changed folders' names from Chinese to English, added English Installation Instruction and repacked.
Use 7-Zip, Winzip or Winrar to extract the download file.

Installation Instruction:

1. MAKE SURE YOU FULLY RECHARGED U17GT BEFORE FLASHING! Save your data to PC. Disconnect Charger.
2. Turn off U17GT
3. Start RKBatchTool.exe
4. Press and hold "Volume Down" button and connect to PC via USB cable
5. If you're doing this for the first time, Windows will prompt you for drivers for "RK29 device". Use appropriate drivers from http://www.flashmyandroid.com/forum/showthread.php?310-RK2918-USB-Drivers-to-enable-USB-Connection.
6. If you did everything correctly upto now then you will see a green square in RKBatchTool.


7. In RKBatchTool click "FW Path ..." and select the firmware image that you want to flash (file with extension .img)
8. Click "Restore". Your Cube will be flashed when the square flashes in yellow:


9. Wait 5 min or so... U9GT2 will start automatically after it's done.



[ROM] U17GT_v2.0_Beta_ICS4_20120421

Just little correction to installation instructions:
The step 4. "Press and hold "Volume Down" button and connect to PC via USB cable" cannot work with this device since it does not have hardware buttons for adjusting volume.
Instead hold Home button (the big one on the screen side), connect the cable and press 3 times Power button. Don't release the home button until you see until you finish these actions.

Btw. newer version of official firmware is available at:

Good Luck,

[ROM] U17GT_v2.0_Beta_ICS4_20120421

w to do step 4 it doesn't work in c17gt

[ROM] U17GT_v2.0_Beta_ICS4_20120421

i cant do the step you said can u simplify it
it doesn't work in my cube u17gt

[ROM] U17GT_v2.0_Beta_ICS4_20120421

When i connect my cube tablet to pc...it is not responding..i cannot access the mass storage..my pc usb drivers are good..pls help me out wat to do

[ROM] U17GT_v2.0_Beta_ICS4_20120421

Hello sir... I have a problem with my tablet. after i install the new ROM that is included in your tool. my tablet is not powering on. and when i insert it in my pc using usb i can see the NandFlash. the flashing is sucessfull but my tablet dies... please help me

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