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Onda Vi40 V3 Suck on boot

Recently received this tablet off of a friend as they had rooted and then installed the TNT firmware onto the device to only find that it would not boot after a few uses. Slightly unsure about how long till it stopped booting or what there means of flashing the root and ROM onto the tablet was but I can see that at full charge whilst still connected or disconnected from a mains or USB charger the tablet gets stuck at boot. The Onda logo appears and then the TNT boot sequence animates, ending with "welcome to the top notch tablet experience but then after that it stays at the screen frozen. I have left it for at least 15mins now and still nothing.
I was wondering if I could recover it with this ROM still on or if I would have to revert back to stock. If revert back to stock then how would I go about that as I can not boot it into recovery. Once turned on when connected to my PC some drivers did install so would this be enough to flash it with LiveSuite?
Also just a quicky, what does the reset button do on the bottom? Does it reboot it or is it a different function?
Thanks in advance, Kyle.

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