RK3066/3188 Development Tool - From TNT/Rockchipfirmware.com/FMA

From the included readme file... you will get the idea...


I have worked many long and hard hours coding this bloody menu driven RK3XXX mod tool so hopefully it makes your life (and mine) a little easier. I had a lot of fun doing it though.

Thanks MUCH to Tab_Modder from http://www.flashmyandroid.com for helping with the RK3188 portion of this tool in particular and also just his patient and kind instruction in the ways of android modding. This tool is built on top of his developer release tool set.

As for me, I own http://www.topnotchtablets.com - we sell Tablets in North America and do a pretty darn good job at it.

I also own and operate http://www.rockchipfirmware.com - the goal of this site? Really simple, provide free tools and education for new and veteran developers that want to work firmware for any and all rockchip driven devices AND provide easy and fast downloads of both stock and custom firmware images. If you are a dev and get much benefit from using this tool, I would urge you to jump on rockchipfirmware.com and upload your finished work so others can benefit from it! ALL registered users can upload (it is all totally free) and ANYONE can download (also totally free).

Okay... without further ado...


1. This tool was built on and FOR Ubuntu Linux (64-bit). If you are trying to run it on another distro based on Ubuntu it will probably work (probably on 32-bit also but that would possibly require recompiling a few things...), however one of the options uses "Nautilus" (the ubuntu file browser) and other distributions use other file browsers (like dolphin...) so that won't work. For best results, use this tool on Ubuntu 10.04 LTS and I would imagine most other Ubuntu versions work just fine as well.

Forgot to add in earlier... LibSSL is a dependency of these tools. So open a terminal and run the following command before going any further unless you already have the necessary packages...

sudo apt-get install libssl-dev

You may now continue...

2. Hopefully you have already unzipped this to a folder on your Desktop. I tried to make the tool "file-path" neutral so it can probably be anywhere. I run it on a folder on my Ubuntu desktop.

3. Okay... first, don't mess with these things... the "ref" and "tools" folders or their contents (adventurous users can modify some things in "ref" once they get an idea of how the tool works as several things are setup for me for TNT, like when the default background gets changed). Don't mess with any of the .sh files in the main directory. Leave them all be. You can open them and modify them if you know what you are doing. Propmod.sh in particular handles the build.prop modding and it has some TNT specific stuff in it. You can go in and change some values to make your life easier later on...

4. Get the .img firmware file you want to mod and place it inside of the "unpack" folder. You don't need to rename it or anything as long as it has a .img extension (and is a proper firmware image file for either an RK3066 or RK3188 device) you are good to go.

5. Now for the fun... double-click "menu.sh" and choose the option "run in terminal"

6. You will be presented with a menu, you can drag the lower-right corner of the terminal window to make it bigger so you can see all the stuff I typed next to the options.

7. I am going to quickly walkthrough an example mod session with this tool...

A. Run the "unpack" command and wait.

B. Run the "mount system" command (will get prompted for SU password)

...All Instructions in Readme file included in package... post was getting too long... ;) ....

Additionally you can do other things with the image all split out (like modify the paremeter files) and whatnot but that is all outside of the purview of this document as I just wanted to layout how to use the tool. In the future (if I can figure out how to do it) I would like to add in options for opening the boot.img open and if someone with a bit more linux kung-fu knowledge would like to get involved, perhaps a tool to automatically calculate parameter file settings to help people more easily increase boot partions?

Anyhow, this tool was and is provided courtesy with http://www.rockchipfirmware.com so please give back by uploading your sweet custom roms to the site for everyone else to enjoy... This tool was made possible with the help of some fine folks at http://www.flashmyandroid.com so announce your cool new roms on their forum and also get help from other skilled devs! Finally, my free development work is made possible in large part to our very good retail business that sells android tablets... http://www.topnotchtablets.com. If you are in North America, please consider us for your next tablet purchase.

Cheers and enjoy!


DOWNLOAD FILE: http://www.rockchipfirmware.com in the "dev's corner" under "firmware tools"

PSS - This tool is 90 mb because it includes a bunch of "support" files from another firmware image....

RK3066/3188 Development Tool - From TNT/Rockchipfirmware.com/FMA

Roman, When I run the menu.sh file all I get in a blinking cursor? Any insight?

RK3066/3188 Development Tool - From TNT/Rockchipfirmware.com/FMA

Thanks for your work, Roman.
for me to: When I run the menu.sh file all I get is a blinking cursor?


please check it, i was so happy to find this tools.......

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RK3066/3188 Development Tool - From TNT/Rockchipfirmware.com/FMA

That is quite odd... You double-click it and then should get some options. I always choose "run in terminal" and then you should get a full menu.

RK3066/3188 Development Tool - From TNT/Rockchipfirmware.com/FMA

Coming soon... Boot.img unpack and repack AND... an option to auto-add init.d support!



RK3066/3188 Development Tool - From TNT/Rockchipfirmware.com/FMA

Doesn't work. When i double-click "menu.sh" and choose the option "run in terminal"...only an empty and unusefull terminal window opens....no menu as you said.

RK3066/3188 Development Tool - From TNT/Rockchipfirmware.com/FMA

I do chose "run in terminal" and all I get is a blinking cursor...Ubuntu 12.10

RK3066/3188 Development Tool - From TNT/Rockchipfirmware.com/FMA

Same for me, in Ubuntu 10.04 LTS 64bit runing in Virtualbox. run in terminal gives a blinking cursor....



RK3066/3188 Development Tool - From TNT/Rockchipfirmware.com/FMA

Hi all........ I bought a Cube U21GT from DbrTech here in Australia. After having Market problems they gave me your [cube_u21gt_v1.0_TNT_R1.img] file to try. After firmware update it boots but there is no Launcher present. I got around this by downloading a launcher from g/play. The Rom also deletes the internal flash memory and must be remounted. The rooted rom is good except it identifies as a Samsung Galaxy SGS II SGH-i777. Antutu doesnt like this and I was wondering if there was a rooted TNT version based on Cube U21GT. I think I may have seen one based on Nexus 7 somewhere on here but even if there is would it be a wiser Rom to use. Its nice not having the Chinese apps etc and thank you for that. Any help would be muchly appreciated.

RK3066/3188 Development Tool - From TNT/Rockchipfirmware.com/FMA

Thanks for your work, Roman.

Regarding the problems, maybe they are the same that happened to me. I solved it installing a package called "dialog".

Best regards,

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