rk3066 gpu Mali400MP4 at @250mhz, why ?¿

Is there any way to overclock the gpu ? the Mali400MP4 has a stock speed @400mhz so I dont quite understand why is working at @250mhz. Real Racing Game 3 is the great new racing game that perform not so well in this tablet and I assume the cause of that issue is the low Gpu power.

rk3066 gpu Mali400MP4 at @250mhz, why ?¿

I did see some GPU overclocking programs on the market over the last few days. However don't know if they'll work with this SOC.

rk3066 gpu Mali400MP4 at @250mhz, why ?¿

It would be nice if someone could find a legit GPU overclock method because the bloody RK3188 should DEFINITELY be able to run at a higher clock for the GPU than it is and it kills graphics performance as a result.


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