[INFO] New Site for Rockchip Firmware Modding Info and Image Collection

I am developing firmware now for devices outside of what we sell. I am also hosting a lot of stock firmware for every RK3066 device I can get my hands on. Finally, I am putting together written and video tutorials to help get new firmware devs started for Rockchip devices.

Right now I am providing all the content but eventually I will probably open it up for other to contribute as well as I am looking to make a repository of sorts for firmware images and for firmware modding knowledge.

Just to be clear, this is NOT a forum and the site will have limited interactivity. The goal is to have an archive or library of sorts to collect knowledge/software/firmware related to Rockchip based devices.

Anyhow, it is freely available to anyone that wants it.

I will be putting links for our firmware on this site as well as in the support section of TNT now so you can get to them either way.



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