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TNT Canada Xmas Sale

Pipo is turning out to be one of the best quality brands with very reasonable prices. With a large support community providing custom ROMs it looks like a Pipo is what everybody really wants for Christmas. Android 4.1.1 on some of the fastest and smoothest running tablets means even beginners will have a ball with their new tablets. Pipo tablets just work great right out of the box. Now that is something everyone would want for Christmas.

Just in time to get one under your stocking we are proud to announce our Pipo lineup:

Pipo S1 7" 1Gb 8Gb RK3066 from $122.62 delivered:

For the budget minded you can't beat the Pipo S1 7" tablet. With android 4.1.1 and a dual-core RK3066 inder the hood, this table flies through everything you can throw at it. It does have a low resolution screen and is recommended for beginners and kids. TNT rates this tablet value at 4out of 5. Battery size is only average and heavy gaming and movies will drain the battery in under 4 hours.

Pipo Max M1 9.7" 1Gb 16Gb IPS RK3066 from $228.13 delivered: http://www.ca.topnotchtablets.com/buy-m1

The Pipo Max M1 has almost everything you would want in a low cost tablet. Beautiful IPS screen and blazing fast RK3066 chipset are only the beginning. Solid build with all the right buttons mean you will need all of your 7-8 hours of battery life. TNT rates this tablet value at 4.5 out of 5. A few of the tablets have a noticeable screen bleed.

Pipo Movie M3 10.1" 1Gb 16Gb IPS RK3066 from $232.58: http://www.ca.topnotchtablets.com/buy-m3

More of the great quality and terrific build from Pipo. For those who prefer a more natural widescreen tablet. Add stereo speakers and Bluetooth to your list of must haves. TNT rates this tablet value at 5 out of 5. We may have to lower that rating if any defects turn up, but for now we are just loving this tablet.
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