These are hot dealz that everyone should know about. Hey! Who doesn't wanna save some $$$?

RadioShack, LG optimusV cellphone 3.2"/2.2/2G/256 MB/gps $50-$5 GC this week

Radio Shack phased out a very functional cellphone, the LG optimusV for $45. specifications, It is a no contract, prepaid cellphone for Virgin Mobile. It is 2G/256 Mb/BT/GPS/wifi/3G/3.2M camera/capacitance screen for $50 - $5 Gift cert. Some RadioShack may require you to subscribe to VM, most not. Just tell them, "My mom has a VM account, will swap account when home." When you found one, they will ring up $129. You HAVE to tell the clerk, RadioShack internal ad, 7/8/2012 - 7/14/2012, $49.99 and $5 gift cert. Paying for the price of a GPS and getting a functional cellphone. There are some tactics in getting this phone for this $, YMMV.

Cell reception is excellent, I can use it in my basement, while most cellphone "No reception signal". GPS log in is eye blinking. No battery leak problems. Screen is very responsive. Been with ICS for sometime, and now get back to Froyo, did not even feel any difference! This tells, either Froyo is very good, or ICS is just facelift, no real substance :)

For you info: you can use it for its wifi; or you can subscibed to VM: no contract, for one month, 35$/300 min anytime talk/unlimited data (sort of). Unlimited data is a dying breed. VM is proabably the last one now. They did send a notice sometimes back, that, if unreasonable use (over 4G), they will throttle your acct till the end of the month.

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