You have been warned!

Food for Thought When Buying or Selling

Buying From Another User

You have to have a certain level of trust when making a purchase with a stranger. We recommend you review:

  • The Users Join Date [/*:m:1o12eese]
  • The Users Total Number of Posts [/*:m:1o12eese]
  • Feedback For The User [/*:m:1o12eese]
  • Users Selling History [/*:m:1o12eese]
  • Don't be afraid to ask around about the user [/*:m:1o12eese]
  • Always ask for tracking numbers and always give them (a couple of dollars now could save you hundreds later)[/*:m:1o12eese]

Safe to say that the old adage is true. If it seems to good to be true it probably is! Caveat Emptor and all that other good stuff!

PayPal - Protection

PayPal allows you to send money as a gift thereby bypassing the fees for selling/purchasing items.... Awesome!!!!! Well.... not so much!

When you send money as a gift you are doing just that. There is no implied contract and the few shekels you save up front won't even come close to offsetting the loss you may sustain if the deal goes sour. PayPal will not help with conflict resolution or reverse charges if money is sent as a gift. Plain and simple. Be aware!
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