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Bought a Herotab C8M in October 2010. After three weeks, a package arrived.
The package was well packed, and the content has no damage.

The box and the tablet, however, has no Herotab nor C8M anywhere. It was just the word 'MID'. An email was sent to vendor and the reply was 'they ran out of stock so they sent an alternative which is the same'. The tablet worked fine, but I'd have preferred to get what I ordered, or having a chance to accept an alternate before shipping rather after the fact.

There are many good, as well as not so, reports about this vendor. So, a topic on this vendor may be good for the community.



I have purchased three tablets from Merimobiles between Oct/11 and Jan/12. One Ainol N7A, one Teclast P76, and one Ainol Elf.

All arrived within three weeks and were packaged well. All were also exactly what I ordered.

Merimobiles shipped the Elf before Chinese New Year :D They also quickly changed the product status to out of stock as soon as they shipped them all out. ( I know this issue is a big irritant to many who have ordered Ainol products recently)

I have also heard some negative comments about Merimobiles, but my experience has been positive three out of three times.


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I purchased my herotab c8 from merimobiles. I am very impatient and after waiting 4 or 5 days I emailed on Friday asking where it was. I received immediate reply that I should have that Monday. I think it came on Tuesday and I was very pleased with the purchase,

Since, a friend ordered two c8's and after many weeks of not arriving despite merimobiles saying it shipped, he requested and received a refund.


I received my Novo 7 Elf (Thanks FMA!) from merimobiles yesterday.

Processing took about 6 days, but once it was shipped it came fast.
From Hong Kong to Sacramento then to my house in only 2 days.

I would definitely order from them again.

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