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Don't buy at DHGate.com!

They are a large site selling everything from hundreds of different sellers, pretending to protect buyers by releasing money to sellers only after the satisfactory completion of the transaction.
This is not the case.
Many sellers are scammers, disappearing and reappearing after a while with different names, and DHGate themselves tolerate or endorse this behaviour, play around and do nothing to protect buyers.

The tablet I got from them, a Cube U9GT2, was overheating and going off after few minutes of use from day one, no Internet, no WiFi.
A clearly defective hardware.

I've repeatedly written to no avail with a lot of details and evidence to the seller, to DHGate and in their forum, only obtaining automatic, computer generated replies and no action at all.

In short:
The seller, who had communicated a fake tracking number, had disappeared.
I raised the problem with DHGate.
They replied to seek an arrangement with the (disappeared) seller first!
I replied that the seller wasn't replying to my mails
DHGate asked for a lot of evidence, pictures, videos, documenting the issue, which I sent.
The seller replied:
<quote>My friend, I'm sorry, recently is busy, didn't give you the reply in time.
Your problem I now understand, but we sent to you hardware is good, I can only take the situation reflects to my engineer, to get back to you as soon as possible, please.
You'll timely attention, please forgive didn't give you reply.<unquote>
After time, DHGate asked to send back the faulty item within the next day(!) to the address provided by the seller.
I replied that no address had been communicated by the seller or anybody else
After few days DHGate informed me that the dispute had been closed and the money had been released to the seller.

I realize that the above may sound unbelievable, but that's it.
Later DHGate wrote to me asking my degree of satisfaction with the service received!

PayPal and DHgate are ending their business relationship and PayPal will no longer be a payment option on DHgate after 6 August, 2012. After a thorough annual business review by PayPal, both companies have mutually agreed to part ways due to different approaches to achieve their respective business goals and standards.

Apparently, they have a different approach to achieve their business goals and standards.

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Thank you for that info. I am sorry you had to be the test subject. Might I suggest filing a complaint with the better business bureau? They have helped me in the past.

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