U9GT2 antenna modification

[quote=wing]hi i new in this forum.
i interesting on mod antenna but where can i find spare parts for its?
this i want to know.[/quote]

Hi there,

Member Eoghlear found the following links:


His original post is here http://www.flashmyandroid.com/forum/showthread.php?320-ROM-Android-4-0-4-State-of-the-art-(v3-1-0)-14-04-12&p=2691&viewfull=1#post2691

Good luck and let us know your result so we all can learn from you.


U9GT2 antenna modification

thanks for info but got anyone try use those part on this tablet.
i will try order its then wait to came to malaysian

U9GT2 antenna modification

Wish i could help you already. Still haven't received my products.

Verstuurd van mijn U9GT2 met Tapatalk

U9GT2 antenna modification

Hello Wing,

If you have an old 2.4mhz antenna from an old router, such as shown here http://www.flashmyandroid.com/forum/showthread.php?432-U9GT2-antenna-modification&p=3018&viewfull=1#post3018, then give it a try.

Hello Eoghlear, I am anxious to hear your result as well.


U9GT2 antenna modification

Hi there. I'm anxious to hear some results as well of you guys.
I've been testing today on my Cube clone with some antenna mods I read about here and in other places but could not find any that was a major improvement.
I tried aluminum foil, antenna from old router, self made copper wire antenna, 2 antenna's etc. None of them gave any major improvement, most of them even made it worse.
The only major improvement I noticed is if you turn the tablet on without the aluminum back plate. Then you have a signal as it should be, makes a diffrence of at least 15dB in Wifi Analyzer!
This aluminum back plate really is a signal killer, blaaah, bad design!
Did any of you try the Nintendo antenna of post #31? Can it fit in the Cube?
Keep up the good work!
Thanks, Alex.

U9GT2 antenna modification

Hello Alex,
Thanks for your feedback.

A replacement antenna should work, according to this post http://samenkopen.net/action_topic/335606/759012/4898447#4898447

I have an external wifi antenna from an old AP removed the plastic cover, giving you a nice little dipooltje left. That neatly with coax in place of the old antenna soldered. The result is a substantial improvement. Reception is good enough to "broadcast missed" first look in places where reception was scarcely possible . . . by computourist 3/30/2012


I wonder if you tried that ? I meant to do that myself, but many excuses (laziness is one them :) so I did not start yet.


U9GT2 antenna modification

Hi Dave,
thanks for your reply.
I tried it but maybe my attempt wasn't good enough.
I removed an antenna from old router and peeled the plastic off.
From the cube I removed the original antenna (copper thing) from the wire and left the original wire connected to the print.
I connected the inner (signal) wire from the router antenna to the original (inner) wire.
(Reason I used the original signal wire is that I'm a bit reluctant to solder in the print, the eyes aren't as good as they used to be :( )
Couldn't say the signal was much better.
But ... 1. The router where I got the anttenna from was a lousy router (maybe antenna was one of the reason), 2. the outer (ground) signal wire wasn't connected to the outer of the antenna.
Maybe I try to get another router antenna and try again.
I'm really interested in the gain of signal of the mod in the picture, I doubt that it is that good. probably just a few db?

I also tried to make my own wifi antenna, see here http://www.instructables.com/id/WIFI-Antenna-Hack!/
and soldered it to the original antenna. There actually was a bit improvement but once I put the aluminum back cover on all my extra signal was gone.
My theory is that as long as there's a metal back plate on the cube, signal will never be very good.
Now I'm thinking of other ways:
External antenna somehow or what about turning the back plate into an antenna? Could it work?
Or just replace my (cheap) router with a stronger one or get an extender.

Dave, forget the excuses and start your mod. I'm interested in what you will experience :)

Thanks, Alex.

U9GT2 antenna modification

Hello Alex,

I do think that you need to try again as both inner and outer wires must be connected. The outer wire serve two purposes, grounding and shielding. I had an antenna stripped off and was ready to do the mod.


The stripped off section of the antenna seemed to fit the existing area inside the Cube very well. At the time, I could not identify the solder pads and did not have a long enough shielding wire to make the complete change. Orgos helped with the info of solder pads here http://www.flashmyandroid.com/forum/showthread.php?432-U9GT2-antenna-modification&p=3086&viewfull=1#post3086. But I already had the tablet re-assembled.

I think that an antenna must be proper designed so it can tune to a specific frequency. http://martybugs.net/wireless/rubberducky.cgi. So I think that replacing the antenna with a proper one as shown on my picture should work. For the same reason, the back plate cannot be used as a replacement antenna, and it must not contact the antenna.

A better router may help, but I doubt it. My router is a good one. My laptops and other tablets can connect to it anywhere from my property, front yard and back yard. But the Cube can barely connect if there is an obstruction between it and the router.

Perhaps I need to forget about the excuses, as you said :indecisiveness:. But . . . there are so much to do :confusion:


U9GT2 antenna modification

Thanks Dave for the explanation.
It inspired me to plan some more trials coming weekend with the router antenna.
I opened up the old router and found some nice shielded wiring inside that I can use.
I'll make some pics during the process and post the results later.
Cheers, Alex.

U9GT2 antenna modification

Hi guys,

I opened up my tablet, but cracked some of the screen :( (( very sad..

but successfully opened up. The reason I opened up was to check if display connection is correct, and to remove and re-insert PCB so that the problem I have may be fixed. The problem is here: http://www.slatedroid.com/topic/34138-hardware-issue-or-software-issue/

Nickos-V suggested me to the above, so I'm going to try, but can't recognize anything inside, as I know nothing about these..
Also the tutorials and original posts in the first page of this thread are all dated, and images aren't available, so they are of no help..

Could someone please take a good picture of the display connection and PCB thing in their tablet and tell me how to recognize if it's good connection or not, and how to remove and re-insert PCB?

I really need help..

Thanks so much in advance for your help..

btw, the best camera I have is 3mp (LG optimus one), so I don't think me taking the picture would help.. It can't even focus right..

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