Cube U17GT/Phone call/GSM/Data Network problem

I own Cube U17GT tablet with android 2.3.1 v1.03 installed with imei no. started with 30...xxxxxx factory setting.The GSM/data network function
works.But after update with ICS beta firmware,the imei no. changed to 20111......xxxx and the GSM function stops working.
I checked validity of my imei no. online it found to be fake and don't recognize by any network provider.This is the real culprit that people don't know.
How imei no. is changed while update.Not getting the original imei no. on revert back to Gingerbread 2.3.1 v1.03.
I want to know where is the imei no. information stored in the firmware and how it can be changed to working/genuine imei no.
Request to all experts to provide script/software to overcome this problem so that this tablet going to be one of the best chinese tablet in 7" segment.Please raise this issue with Cube also.


Cube U17GT/Phone call/GSM/Data Network problem

Hi to every user of Cube U17GT.
The problem of imei / data network/ phone call solved.
Anyone need any help for this tablet for above problem can request me.

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